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Poutry Products

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Philse Poultry

Our Mission

Philse Poultry Farm intends to be the largest poultry products producing company! It has so far started one parent stock farms, one hatcheries, a feeds factory, a chicken out-grower scheme and a slaughter house. It is in our plans to increase the production of chicken to tackle the ever growing demand for chicken products.

Company Profile

Located in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. Philse Poultry Farm is a modern, advanced and synthesized poultry company seeking after 2F plus M (Farming, Factory and Marketing) which unifies production, processing and distribution. From parent stock breeding; production of eggs; hatching; feeds production; broiler rearing; processing and distribution of dressed poultry; Philse poultry farm endeavors to reduce product cost while improving quality and hygiene.

Major clients

Some of our major clients include Boma In hotel, Wagon hotels, Sports club Restaurant, Sirikwa Hotel, and small hotels in Eldoret Town

Breeding Experience

Philse Poultry Farm has successfully reared over seventeen (17) successful Parent Stock (Breeding Stock) generations and always hatched Quality Day Old Chicks which are sold to both our out-grower farmers and agents (distributors) in various parts of the country.

Charity work

Philse Poultry Farm supports various charitable organizations with donations among them Jesus is Lord children's home, Grace Bible children's home and Joy home orphanage.

Slaughter Factory

The abattoir (Slaughter factory) slaughtering capacity is 1,000 Chicken per day. Meat inspectors inspect the chicken processing line, and all processed chicken are issued a certificate from the government.

Feed Quality Control System

In order to produce high quality meat and regular size chicken, Philse Company produces high quality feeds from its maize Mill. Philse poultry farm has a full technical support program to our out-grower farmers so they can produce and supply meat to our slaughter factory.


In 2014 we renovated and started renting hatchery facilities. We built our own Hatchery in Kapseret farm and started      operating it in 2016.

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